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Peter Coleman, MS

Peter Coleman, MS-COMPA

Past President / Health and Hospitals (retired)


Throughout his career, Peter has been an advocate for moving the opioid treatment system in New York State towards a more patient-centered, evidenced-based approach. Peter has advocated for the provision of comprehensive and co-located services consistent with the chronic disease model of care. Peter was awarded the Nyswander-Dole “Marie” Award in 2009. He believes in listening to patients and insists that our treatment approach must always be respectful of patients’ rights, human dignity, and self-determination. Peter worked towards these goals in his former position at Staten Island University Hospital as well as in the many opioid treatment clinics operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. Peter generously shares his time, expertise, and wisdom with others through his work on the COMPA Board. His principled yet practical voice has been a major force in helping to develop a better OTP treatment system in our state.